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Sailfish Snorkel Adventure Tour Cancun
Sailfish Snorkel Adventure Tour CancunSailfish Snorkel Adventure Tour CancunSailfish Snorkel Adventure Tour CancunSailfish Snorkel Adventure Tour CancunSailfish Snorkel Adventure Tour Cancun

Sailfish Snorkel Adventure Tour

From: $169.00

Sailfish snorkel adventure in Cancun. Come to an amazing adventure and swim with the sailfish, the fastest fish in Cancun!


Sailfish Snorkel Adventure Tour Information


Duration: 1 day tour – 6 hours approximately
Category: Adventure and Nature
Departs: Every Tuesday and Friday from January 9 to March 30. Private: Everyday
Restrictions: Pregnant women, children under 15 years and not very good swimmers.
Language: English, Spanish, German, French and Italian


One of the things you definitely must do while visiting Cancun!

During winter the sailfish arrive in the surrounding waters of Isla Contoy. They are attracted by the plenty sardines in this area. Sailfish are the fastest marine predators, they can reach a top speed of 68 miles/110 km per hour! Their long flexible and powerful bodies help them to circle and confuse schools of fish.

Some of our customers who joined the Sailfish Tour past year had the opportunity to swim with some other marine animals, suchs as:
Atlantic Spotted Dolphins
Manta Rays
Schools of Atlantic Bonitos
Huge Wahoos
And even False Killer Whales

The ocean is full of surprises!

* Sailfish sightings may be challenging so we can’t guarantee the observation. But we still have an 80% success rate and an experienced captain.


Book your Sailfish Snorkel Adventure Tour!

Sailfish Snorkel Adventure Tour Itinerary


07:00 am

Pick-up at your hotel in Cancun (6:00 am Playa del Carmen and 5:00 am Tulum)


7:45 am

Departure from Cancun in comfortable and safe boats. During the trip our certified guides will provide you with interesting information about the Sailfish and the area’s ecosystems. Once we find them you will have the unique opportunity to snorkel with the fastest fish in the world.


12:00 pm

Lunch time at the boat.


01:00 pm

Our comfortable vans will be waiting to transfer you back to your hotel.


01:15 pm

Arrival at your hotel in Cancun (02:00 pm Playa del Carmen, 03:00 pm Tulum)

What we recommend to bring to Sailfish Snorkel Adventure Tour:

Comfortable, fresh clothes and shoes


Long sleeve cotton shirt

Impermeable jacket

Swimsuit and towel

Hat and sunglasses

Hygienic personal stuff and sun blocker



Lunch* If you are vegetarian or allergic to something please let us know when making your reservation

Beverages (water and sodas)

Snorkel equipment

Bilingual guide

Alcoholic beverages


Personal expenses



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