Swimming with whale sharks in Cancun, a 100% Nature Encounter

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Whale Shark Cancun Tour




Tour Information

Whale Shark Cancun Tour Information

Duration:  7 hours approximately
Category: Adventure and Nature
Departs: Daily (May 15 to September 15)
Language: Spanish, English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese.
Restrictions: Pregnant women, kids under five years old.
*If you wish to include children please let us know when making your reservation.


EcoColors Tours already has more than 18 years of experience running whale shark Cancun tour! This great adventure departs daily from Cancun to holbox during the whale shark season (May to September.)**


The whale sharks come to the waters surrounding Isla Mujeres, Contoy and Holbox to feed on plankton where the Caribbean Sea meets the Gulf of Mexico. You will have the remarkable opportunity to swim and snorkel with the gentle giant, in an area teaming with sea life.


All our boats have a limit of 10 people. You will have a certificated and professional guide. He/She is a naturalist and biologist and knows everything about the area and the whale sharks!




** Note: It is important to know that we cannot controle nature, so we can NOT guarantee the snorkeling with the whale sharks nor the sightings. The whale sharks come to the waters near Cancun to feed on plankton, but when there is no/not much plankton there are no/a few whale sharks. We recommend to make your reservation between mid-June to August since there is a higher possibility to see whale sharks.

Tour Itinerary

Whale Shark Cancun Tour Itinerary

07:00 AM
Pick-up at your hotel in Cancun (6:00 am Playa del Carmen and 5:00 am Tulum **If you are in Tulum area we will pick you at our meeting point which is the “San Francisco de Asis” Supermarket, we suggest that you pre order your cab/taxi the night before in order to arrive on time to “San Francisco de Asis” Supermarket, where we pick you up to take you to the marina, the cost of the cab/taxi is on your own, the tour does not include that cab/taxi service**).

07:30 AM

We will have an informative briefing at Marina la Amada now named V & V. Our certified guides will provide you with interesting information about the whale sharks and the area’s ecosystems. During the briefing there will be coffee, juice, fruit and granola bars present.

08:00 AM

We depart from Marina V & V, to the whale shark reserve in the waters of Isla Contoy. Once we find them, you will have the unique opportunity to snorkel with the biggest fish in the world.

12:30 PM

Lunch time on the boat just off the coast of Isla Mujeres, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world (Condé Nast 2013) where you can go down to swim in the turquoise waters.

01:30 PM

We arrive at the marina’s pier, where our comfortable vans will be waiting for you to return you to your hotel.

02:00 PM

Expected arrival back at your hotel in Cancun. (3:00 pm Playa del Carmen and 4:00 pm Tulum)

We Recommend Bringing

What we recommend bringing to the Whale Shark Cancun Tour

  • Swimsuit and towel
  • Long sleeve cotton shirt
  • Comfortable, fresh clothes and shoes
  • Hat and sunglasses
  • Wetsuit if you have
  • Impermeable jacket
  • Hygienic personal stuff
  • Camera

Tour Includes

Whale Shark Cancun Tour Includes

  • Comfortable transportation
  • Professional guides
  • Snorkel equipment: Fins, mask, breathing tube and life jacket. (May bring your own)
  • Light breakfast
  • Lunch: Ceviche and Ham & Cheese sandwich (If you are vegetarian or allergic to something please let us know when making your reservation).
  • Beverages (Water and sodas)

Tour Excludes

Whale Shark Cancun Tour Excludes

  • Wetsuit, we just offer this as an alternative at the pier with an extra cost of $15 USD (May bring your own)
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Personal expenses (Souvenirs)
  • Tips

Tour FAQs

Whale Shark Cancun Tour Frequently asked question (FAQs)

1. How big is the whale shark?
The most common whale sharks seen in the Mexican Caribbean are usually from 20-40 feet, it is the biggest fish in the sea!

2. Are whale sharks harmful?

Whale sharks are very passive fish, and are not at all harmful to humans, on the contrary they seem to become curious when humans are swimming with them, as they come and visit the Mexican Caribbean once a year.

3. Are whale sharks dangerous to humans?

No, it is absolutely safe to swim with whale sharks in Cancun. They are very calm fish; they swim slowly through the sea. They only eat plankton, which can found in the surface of the ocean.

4. Am I harming the environment by swimming with whale sharks?

No, you are not. Swimming with whale sharks with EcoColors Tours is done in a very eco-friendly manner. We follow strict regulations when swimming with them, with a no touching and diving policy. To them, humans in the water will appear as other creatures of the sea and as long as you give them their space, we can all enjoy each other’s company!

5. Can I touch the whale sharks in the whale shark Cancun tour?

Although whale sharks are not harmful to humans, we do not want to irritate the creatures as they peacefully swim in the oceans. Therefore nobody is allowed to harm, touch or get in the way of the fish as they make their way around us.

6. Can I dive with whale sharks during the tour?
Diving with whale sharks in the area where EcoColors does the tour is not permitted. Only snorkeling is allowed.

7. Do I need to wear a life jacket during the swim with whale sharks tour?

Yes, unless you have a wetsuit which keeps you afloat, everybody will be asked to wear a life jacket for safety and precautions.

8. Can I bring my own wetsuit to the whale sharks tour?

Of course! Any personal gear for the water can be brought, as long as it does not take up other people’s space on the boats and also as long as it is not diving gear. Is important for customers to know that the thickness of the wetsuit should be a minimum of 3mm.

9. Is there any way that I can prevent getting sea sick? And do you provide medication for it?

We do not sell any preventative or medicinal treatment before or during the tour. We do advise though that if you fear that you may be seasick or would simply like to prevent it, then consult your doctor and bring some prescribed medicine along with you. Take one pill (advised by your doctor) 30 minutes before boarding the boats. We would also like to state that EcoColors Tours offers Ginger tea, which are known to reduce the nausea of sea motion.

10. What happens if we do not see whale sharks in the tour?

As mentioned in the information, we cannot control nature and therefore EcoColors Tours does NOT guarantee the snorkeling with the whale sharks nor the sightings. The whale sharks come to the waters near Cancun to feed on plankton, however when there is no/few food (plankton) there simply are no/not many whale sharks. We offer the Whale Shark Tour in Cancun from mid-May to Mid-September, but we strongly recommend to make your reservation between mid-June to August since there is a higher possibility to see whale sharks.

11. How can I help with the researching and preservation of the whale shark?

If you would like to contribute to the research and protection of this incredible animal, there are various local NGOs in Cancun. For more information please contact EcoColors Tours at

12. Why booking the Swim with Whale Sharks tour in Cancun with Ecocolors tours?

  • We are the pioneers of the whale shark tour and have 14 years of experience operating this tour;
  • Our professional guides (marine biologists or naturalists);
  • Our small groups (Maximum of 10 people per boat) for personalized attention;
  • Our comfortable and fast transportation (vans and boats)
  • The best safety for our customers (no accidents in 14 years and the highest insurance coverage).

If you have any further question or doubt, don’t hesitate to contact us at (998) 884 36 67 and we will gladly answer your question.

Whale shark tourism in Mexico

Whale Shark tourism in Mexico

EcoColors enjoyed seen whale sharks for the first time 15 years ago (2001) in Holbox island on a trip with some fishermen who claimed near cabo catoche whale sharks could be seen and yes it was a fantastic surprise as we found several whale sharks and could enjoy snorkeling with them peacefully. At the time there where no regulations or activity developed in the swim with whale sharks Cancun Tour. Fortunately that same year WWF asked EcoColors to run a workshop inviting Government, fishermen and tourism stakeholders to set the rules and management plan on the activity to be developed. We got the different stakeholders together and rules plus management plan was set. One of the first needs was to establish training courses for tourism providers and taking advantage of the skills and experience of EcoColors training many local communities on environmental interpretation WWF,SEMARNAT AND CONANP asked EcoColors to develop and run training courses for local guides. EcoColors has run many training courses through the years some actually funded by several NGO´s such as WWF, The Travel Foundation, etc. Currently we are proud to mentioned we have been working with local NGO Ch’ooj Ajauil AC

And Rafael de la Parra on his conservation and research projects with whale sharks.  To finalize EcoColors is a true believer of sustainable tourism and giving the chance to people to enjoy amazing experiences that promote environmental awareness and environmental education helping people to shift to a more sustainable way of living.





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  • David Barlow says:

    tengo una agencia en Tulum y tengo clientes Que quiero hacer el tour de los whale sharks. me puede Mandame un numero telefonica para que yo puedo hablar con un representante..
    David Barlow
    Caribe Cruiser Snorkeling

    • ecocolors says:

      Buenos dias si con mucho gusto puedes comunicarte a nuestras oficinas al 9988843667, dirigete con el Sr. Kenneth jonson o con la gerente de ventas Hilda de igual forma nos puedes enviar un correo a


  • Kenneth says:

    Hello! Do you have an opening for tomorrow 5/15 or Sunday 5/17? Please reply back as soon as possible. Thanks in advance!

    • ecocolors says:

      For the whale shark season the season starts on May 20, thats the last news we have from the local authorities for this tour activity 2015

  • Anastasia says:

    Good afternoon,
    When is the closest date for whale shark? Is there any chance to do the tour before 24 May?
    Waiting for your response, thanks in advance.

  • Brenda Lopez says:

    Estamos en Cancún hasta el martes 26 de mayo, nos gustaría salir al tour del tiburón ballena lo antes posible, favor de mandarme la información para reservar.

    • ecocolors says:

      Buenos dias las ultimas noticias es que los premisos se liberan hasta el 25 de Mayo, desafortunadamente esto esta fuera de nuestras manos ya que los permisos los libera la SECTUR y es la fecha que hos han notificado para operar tiburón ballena, porfavor contactanos al los numeros

      Toll Free USA / Canada 1-866-351-3797 Mexico Local +52 (998)8849580

      correo electronico o por este medio el dia 24 para que podamos confirmate si es posible el operr el tour la fecha del 25 de Mayo.


  • Brenda Lopez says:

    hola se podrá ir mañana o el martes? ya vieron los tiburones?

  • Luana says:


    Is the season of whale sharks already open?


    • ecocolors says:

      Hey Luana! Yes we are happy to tell you that the whale shark season has started! If you need any information about the tour or anything else please let us know and we will be happy to help you! Have a great day:)

  • Bobby says:

    Do you have any openings for tomorrow? 3 people

    • ecocolors says:

      Hello, sorry didn’t answer earlier, now we have tour every day until september 15th and this week the weather condicions looks very good for this activity.


  • Brenda vega says:

    What is the price to rent wetsuit? Thanks!

    • EcoColors says:

      Hello Brenda! The price for renting the wetsuit is $15,00 USD. Thank you for your interest, hope to see you soon !

      • Brinklen says:

        Do you mean $15 USD for a wetsuit rental??? $15,000 is a CRAZY rental price for a wetsuit!

        • EcoColors says:

          Hello! $15 USD is the price for renting a wetsuit but this is optional. You can either bring your own if you have one or use the lifesaving jacket that is included in the tour price.
          Best regards,
          EcoColors Team

  • Tim says:

    I want to book a whale shark tour for July 29th. Our hotel is in Cozumel. The itinerary states a 6AM pick-up in Playa del Carmen, but the tour bookings show Cancun and Riviera Maya as selections. We’ve never been to this area before and will appreciate the absolute simpliest logistics. Please tell me if I should book the Cancun or Riviera Maya tour and if you can also provide additional information regarding getting from Cozumel to the appropriate pick-up location (and back), I’d greatly appreciate it.

    • EcoColors says:

      Hello Tim! I invit you to choose from the Riviera Maya. You will have to take the ferry from Cozumel to Playa at 6:00am and we will pick you up at 6:45am at Señor Frogs in Playa Del Carmen, which is very close to the ferry arrival. We will provide you with more information once your reservation made. Thank you for you interest! Have a good day.

  • Jodi says:

    What is the price in US dollars

  • silvina says:

    Hi i would like to know the price from playa del carmen for the whale shark snorkel.

    • EcoColors says:

      Hello Silvia, Playa del Carmen is consider for the Riviera Maya Price
      is $175.25 USD per person the pickup and frop off to your hotel in Playa del Carmen are included.

  • fraser says:

    what is the cost for 3 adults and a 5 year old in august for the whale shark trip

    • EcoColors says:

      Hello! First of all the cost depends on where your hotel is. If you are in a hotel in Cancun, it will be 195$ for the adults and 136,50$ for the kid (total of 721,5$). But if you are in hotel in the Riviera Maya (Playa Del Carmen, Tulum etc) the cost will be 205$ for adults and 143,5 for children.
      Thank you for your interest, we hope to see you soon so that you can live this amazing experience with us!
      Best regards,
      EcoColors team

  • Nívea says:

    Hi, in the option “No transportation”, whats the meeting point in cancun?
    And its possible leave me in isla mujeres instead return to cancun?
    people who ave difficulty swimming can do?

    • EcoColors says:

      Good morning! Without transportation the meeting point is at the marina V&V at 7:30am (you can download the map). We can leave you in isla mujeres (playa norte) without any problem. Are you staying there in isla mujeres? Because we can also pick you up at playa norte in the morning around 8:30.
      As for people who have difficulty swimming, they can do the tour of course, the guide will be with them all the time and they will be using life saving jacket.
      If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us again. Hope to see you soon so you can swim with these wonderful gentle creatures!
      Best regards
      EcoColors team

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Private Marina V & V, only the best facilities for our customers

The best safety for our customers. No accidents in 14 years and the highest insurance coverage

Summer 2016

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In the purchase of any of the Whale Shark souvenirs at the marina, you will be supporting the research for this amazing creatures by helping to buy satélite tracking devices to know more about their way of life at the ocean and help to its preservation.

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