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Live the best Scientific Nature Tours, a unique experience in México.


Mako Shark Cage Dive (7 days)

Experience an encounter with the fastest shark in the ocean: the MAKO SHARK! The encounter with the Mako can differ from 15 minutes upon even 3 hours. The size of the Mako can vary from 150 lbs (6 feet) to the largest one we have seen so far: 800 lbs! (12 feet).

Our cage for the dive with the Mako is constructed of an aluminum pipe and a solid bar stock. The cage is floated on the surface, or 3 to 4 feet under the surface. This depends on the sea condition. Two to three guests at a time, switching every 30 minutes, can enter the cage by a hatch on the top of the cage which is fed air by hoses connected to the tanks aboard the boat.


Whale Shark Tour (7 days)

From May until September**, the whale sharks come to Isla Mujeres to feed on plankton. Swim and snorkel with the whale shark, known as the gentle giant, in an area teeming with sea life.

In the last ten years Cancun became the best place to see Whale Sharks. You can find the biggest groups of Whale Sharks here and they are accessible with an hour boat ride from Cancun. If you spend time in Cancun between May and September you can sign up for a day trip and swim with these gentle giants. Getting close to the biggest fish in the world is an amazing experience, an experience of a lifetime.


Sailfish Tour (7 days)

Let us show you the wild side of the Caribbean, the side where the biggest shows of nature happen. See an unforgettable wildlife experience, the unique mexican sailfish run!

It is in fact a Sardine Run, just like in South Africa but in Mexico. It is famous for the sailfish which comes to this area year after year to hunt these sardines.



Reptiles Tour (7 days)

Reptile insanity? In the Yucatan? – Yes! We want to show you a completely different, a real ancient side of the peninsula. And we mean ancient, as the dinosaurs not as the Mayan empire…

Witness a fantastic wildlife experience in the Yucatan Peninsula to do some reptiles observation. Get to see some crocodiles in the lagoon and meet the snakes eating bats in the caves of Kantemo. You can also swim with turtles in Akumal and see some iguanas and other reptiles while walking in the jungle. Experience this unique spectacle. Get into the wild with this one of a kind reptile tour!



Jaguar Tour (7 days)

Enjoy this scientific tour into the jungle looking for the largest cat in the Americas: the jaguar. This majestic animal has a special place in prehispanic culture and mythology. But nowadays it is endangered due to hunting, loss of habitat and diminishing population of their prey. You’re going to look for these beautiful creatures deep in the jungle. You also get the change to see other creatures in the region such as deer, tappir, bats and the amazing hanging boas in the caves of Kantemo.


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