Sargassum: Mother nature’s way to keep the ocean balance



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Un equipo alegre y eficiente es productivo e innovador. Cuando la comunicación, la colaboración y la creatividad se dan espacio para respirar, los efectos pueden ser positivos tanto para el comportamiento y los objetivos de negocio como para el lugar de trabajo.


With the Team Building Beach Challenge, Ecocolors is giving you the opportunity to create such a team! This challenging tour includes a variety of activities such as creating the entreprise logo in the sand, find puzzle pieces and build it, a combatant route and playing beach soccer. Those games will take place in the marvellous white-sand beach and crystal clear water of Cancun and you will also learn about the importance of a sustainable development.



Activity 1: Logo Challenge

The groups will have different challenges to overcome in the beach. The final task will be to design collectively the company’s logo in the sand. They will have to be very creative! However, this can only be achieved by finding the tools buried in the sand. Each team will have to make a wheelbarrow race in order to reach the location where the tools are hidden. To win this game, members will have to develop their capacity of organization and leadership by working together and join forces.


Activity 2: Puzzle

The objective of this activity is to do a giant puzzle by collecting pieces hidden in the beach and in the sea. The participants will have to work together to get the pieces as quickly as possible. They will have to resolve enigmas, overcome challenges to get clues that will help find the location. The first team that manages to gather all pieces and make the puzzle wins the game.

Activity 3: Combatant route

The participant will have to succeed several steps such as digging the sand to clear a passage, balance game. To make this trial a little bit more challenging, every participant will be tied to each other, forcing them to cooperate and help their coworkers.


Activity 4: Beach Tournament

Teams will affront each other playing volleyball, beach soccer, sandball… This challenge values real communication and complicity between memberships.


We Recommend Bringing

  • Comfortable clothes and shoes
  • Long sleeve cotton shirt
  • Long cotton pants
  • Impermeable jacket
  • Hat and sunglasses
  • Biodegradable insect repellent
  • Hygienic personal stuff
  • Camera

Tour Includes

  • Land transportation
  • Equipment
  • Beverages
  • Entrances fees

*This depends on your requirements for the tour and activities.

Tour Excludes

  • Airfare
  • Lunch
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Personal expenses
  • Tips




Every time we think about the caribbean, we see turquoise water, white sands and sun, so when we arrive to the place where we will take the most amazing vacations so we don’t expect to find a beach crowded with sargasso.

Well, it’s important to know the causes and how the sargassum is an amazing thing for the beach and the ocean.

First of all, what is it? The sargassum is a brown alga, or seaweed that floats free in the ocean and it is never attached to the ocean floor. These this kind of alga is only found in the Atlantic Ocean.

The Sargassum has a purpose, that is to provide refuge for migratory species and essential habitat for some 120 species of fish and more than 120 species of invertebrates. It’s an important nursery habitat that provides shelter and food for endangered species such as sea turtles and for commercially important species of fish such as tunas.

Sargassum could be around for many reasons, but scientists think that one of the causes for the big quantity of this alga is because of the higher levels of temperature registered this year, higher than average. Also, low winds which are part of the influence in the ocean currents take an important role part in the global climate change.


Recently, 90 tons of Sargassum Algae have been washed up on Cancun’s beaches but the authorities are concerned it will disturb sea turtles returning to the beaches to the lay their eggs, and the tourists for whom the beaches are the main attraction.

The sargassum plays an important role in beach nourishment and is an important element of shoreline stability. Something important to know is that sargassum is not toxic to humans. When it decomposes on sand you might notice a black layer underneath, but this is normal and it is a sign of mother nature doing her work of incorporating the sargassum into the beach.
Now you know! It’s not a bad thing, it is actually mother nature taking care of the planet!

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