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End of the Whale Shark Season in Cancun

¡Hola Mexico! ¡Hola Cancun!


First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Chantal and I just turned 19 years old. Right now I live in Cancun, but until 2,5 weeks ago I lived in a small village in the Netherlands. Now you´re probably wondering, what does such a young Dutch girl in the far Mexico? I´m goig to tell you guys… I am doing my internship at EcoColors Tours in Cancun, Mexico. It´s part of my study Tourism Management at the NHTV in Breda.
Now you know something about who I am, I´m going to tell you my experiences about the journey and how my first experiences are to live in Mexico as a Dutch person.

The flight to Cancun was very long, especially since it was only the second time I travelled by plane. I booked my flight from Brussels, because it was less expensive than Amsterdam and the distance between my house and the airport is nearly the same. After I said goodbye to everyone, it was time for me to go to the customs control. I had to take my laptop out of my suitcase and then it was okay. But of course before I got in the plane, they wanted to do a second check with me. So I could open my suitcase again, tDelta Plane-EcoColorsake everything out and pack everything again…

When I finally got in the plane I had no neighbor during the flight. When my flight from Brussels to Atlanta lasted 9:40 hours, it is a very long time when you´re alone and have no one to talk to. Therefore, I watched some (like 3) movies on the plane. Luckily I got tasty food and they often asked me if I wanted something to drink. It made the whole flight a lot easier.

At Atlanta Airport I had almost 4 hours to catch my next plane. In advance, this seemed to be a long time, but since I already needed two hours for passport control and I don´t know what else, the time went a lot faster. Of course they need to check my suitcase again, I think that I look like a criminal or something. After that, I changed a little bit of money, ate some food at McDonalds and went to the toilet, it was already time for me to go to the gate. Since Atlanta is such a big airport, I took the train to the right terminal.

When I got on the plane, I sat next to a women who just came back from a trip Disney World with her family. The kids had Disney plush toys, they had Disney suitcases and even her husband had a Disney cap. After two and a half hour of listening to Disney songs while I was trying to read, we arrived in, to what the pilot said, Sunny Cancun. But when I opened my window screen, it was really black outside. It was already dark, but it was only 8 o´clock! I didn´t expect that, but when I finally got out of the airport, in the ´fresh air´ it was really warm and stuffy. Welcome to Cancun! After a long trip to my apartment I finally got in my bed, happy me!
Playa-EcoColorsThe next week I had to do some shopping, had problems with withdrawing money and felt really alone. I was glad that I could start my internship on Monday, so I have something to do and meet some people. My colleagues are really nice and I like the work. But I still have trouble with being alone at night and in the weekends. Especially because the time difference with home is 7 hours. So when I´m done working, everybody at home is already in bed. But I have some series to watch and I´m planning to do some nice things in the weekends so I will be fine. I hope to meet some people, where I can hang out with in the weekends, really soon. I truly miss my family and friends at home, it´s hard having them not near to me.

Even life here is much different from life at home (I have to do my laundry in a Laundromat, learn Spanish and take taxis, which are very cheap) it’s really great, I am going to see amazing things, enjoy the beautiful beaches and going to ´school´ in an environment which is much better than the rainy Holland 🙂

¡Hasta luego!

– Chantal van den Boogaert

Whale Shark Season in Cancun is coming to an end!

These incredible creatures are part of our amazing marine life in the Mexican Caribbean, so every year we take you on a tour to swim with the gentle giants giving you a unique adventure and the opportunity to see the Whale Sharks in their natural habitat. But since September progresses, the Whale Shark Season is also.
September 15th is the last day of the Whale Shark Tour in Cancun and also the end of the Whale Shark Season. So if you haven´t swum with the gentle giants yet, you definitely have to book a tour right now, before it’s too late.
If you´re wondering why Whale Shark Season is ending, I have the answer for you. The gentle giants come to the waters surrounding Isla Mujeres, Isla Contoy and Isla Holbox to feed on plankton where the Caribbean Sea meets the Gulf of Mexico. Since the plankton is disappearing at this time of the year, the Whale Sharks are leaving too.

If you don´t have the time to book a tour right now, you can join this amazing tour next year. The next Whale Shark Season is starting at May 15th, 2016.

But with the end of the Whale Shark Season, it´s not the end of the beautiful marine life tours. You can swim with Marine Turtles all year! Swim with the Marine Turtles in their natural habitat and snorkel in the second largest reef in the world!

– Chantal van den Boogaert

End of the Whale Shark Season
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End of the Whale Shark Season
This is a blog about the end of the Whale Shark Season in Cancun. Learn more about this beautiful animal, the whale sharks.
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