Culture Tours in Mexico!


Chichen Itza Tour in Mexico

Experience the magnificent archaeological site and its history. Learn about the Maya culture and traditions. Admire the temple of Kukulcan, known as El Castillo and take some beautiful pictures of the site.



Tulum and Cenote Tour

Visit the archaeological site of Tulum, where your guide will give you info about the history of this great Mayan civilization. The site of Tulum is the only Maya City that is located near the coast of the Caribbean Sea.




Temazcal: an ancient Mayan ceremony

We will transport you to the heart of the jungle. You will live a new adventure there and will experiment one of the most antique traditions of our country: Temazcal which is used during ceremonies of care for the purification of the body or to look after diseases or to improve health.



Ek Balam & Ria Lagartos Tour

Visit and discover one of the most beloved treasures of Yucatan, the archaeological site of Ek Balam. This site was a very important Mayan capital, which is also known as ¨Talol¨. Ek Balam is, according to the written sources of the sixteenth century, founded by Éek´Báalam (Dark Jaguar) or Coch CalBalam.

During this day, we´ll also visit Ría Lagartos which is the largest hideaway of flamingos in North America!



Mayan Community Tour

Do you love culture and do you want to know more about the locals and their habits? It might be an option to spend a day in a Mayan community in that case! During this day you will learn a lot about the traditions, customs and culture of the Mayas. You will also be able to cook a local dish ´Pollo PiBil¨.