Diving with Sharks: A Closer View to the Mako Shark


Diving with Mako Sharks

In the world of  scuba divers, the  favorite animal is the Shark, any of the existing species of sharks are fascinating for certified divers around the world. Maybe is for the beauty and agility of those animals or simply for the adrenaline shot of swimming beside the greatest predator of the ocean.

Diving with Mako Sharks

Whatever, divers are always looking for a good dive with sharks. The most common are the dive with bull shark at Playa del Carmen or the Great White Shark dive in Baja California, very attractive tours between divers. Today, we have a new dive with sharks option, and no just a simply Shark, we talk about the fastest fish of the world! The mako Shark!

The distribution of the mako Shark is practically all the tropical waters of the world, so it’s easy to find near the coast of Cancún and the Riviera Maya.

More About Mako Shark

The mako Shark is anatomically for hunt fast fishes like tuna or Sailfish, he reach a speed of 74.6m/h. previously the Sailfish was considered the fastest fish with 68.5m/h. The hydrodynamic of the mako make him a real living torpedo. They can length more than 9ft, and they are considered a medium length Shark even called “the Little White”.

Diving with Mako Sharks

How and Why dive with the Mako Shark?

Diving with mako Shark must be doing in a very safe standards because they are a very temperamental animal, is obligatory to do it in a cage and it’s only available for certified divers.

Diving with Mako Sharks
The unforgettable experience take place in the majesties waters of the Caribbean Sea near the shore of Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo in Mexico. Here also beside the mako Shark, you can look the Biodiversity of the ocean.

Without doubts, the mako Shark dive is a must if you are a certified diver and shark lover.

Diving with Mako Sharks

Diving with sharks

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