5 Activities in Cancun for New Year’s resolutions.

Activities in Cancun for New Year’s resolutions.


A New Year starts and most people see it as an opportunity to do things differently to the previous year, as people try to improve and we also offer personal exploits whose size depends only on ourselves.

According to some traditions, it should be a purpose for each month of the next year, so it should be 12 in total. We classics like starting to exercise or improve nutrition, to make trips to see different places and get new experiences. Related to the latter type of purpose, we would like to show you five adventures that can be an excellent New Year’s resolution!

5) Swimming with Sea Turtles.

swim with turtles cancun

A very enriching adventure that helps you not only to see close swimming freely in their natural habitat for sea turtles, but also to understand the importance of protecting beaches and seas so they can continue existing these endangered creatures.

It is further complemented by swimming in a cenote, an important symbol in Mayan culture of crystal clear water.

4) Birdwatching in Cancun.


You may input the word observation not relate with adventure, but delve into the Mayan jungle is something to count for long. Besides this the see colorful birds in their natural habitat, flying freely and listening to his singing is one thing you should not miss if you have the opportunity to do so.

3) Snorkel with Whale Sharks in Cancun.

swim with whale shark tour cancun

Without doubt the best of the activities in Cancun is to swim with the whale shark, the largest fish, which comes from March to September to the warm waters of the Caribbean to find food.

Snorkel beside this majestic and gentle giant of the sea is a unique experience to be lived if you visit Cancun or the Riviera Maya on the season.

2) Bull Shark Diving in Playa del Carmen.

bull shark tour mexico

True, the whale shark is the largest fish in the ocean but also a quiet animal. If you want a rush of adrenaline, I highly recommend diving with bull sharks. Look at this stunning species freely swimming a few meters from you.

Like all our tours, are conducted in a safe environment for people, marine life and the ecosystem. Of course to do this tour is a need for an accreditation diving.

1) Mako Shark cage diving in Cancun

mako diving cage cancun

By the end, we recommend an incredible experience that is totally new in Cancun; cage diving with the mako shark. See for yourself these sharks speed,s the fastest in the ocean, get excited to see one of the largest predators in the world live and in living color will undoubtedly be an adventure worthy of your purposes in 2016.

The best tours in Mexico, we offer the whale shark tour, swim with turtles tour, the monarch butterfly tour, bull shark diving tour, white shark tour, Sian Kaan tour, Holbox tour and much more!

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