4 Things to Consider for your Whale Shark Tour in Cancun.

From March to September, the Mexican Caribbean is home of one of the most amazing creatures of the world. The Whale Shark arrives to this harm waters to find food in this beautiful sea.

Thousands of tourists came here to enjoy this spectacular event and swim near the biggest fish of the ocean. You can find boats all along the shores of Cancun, Isla Mujeres, Contoy and Holbox setting sails to the encounter with the wale shark.

For this reason, we would like to give you 4 Things to considerate for your whale shark tour in Cancun:

1)  The weather conditions:

Whale Shark tour in Cancun

Whale Shark tour in Cancun

Cancun, the Riviera Maya and the Yucatan Peninsula in general it’s a tropical zone with rains all over the year, our climate change as fast as a blink. One day could be sunny and perfect for sailing and the next one with rain and wind! We recommend you to be informed about the weather conditions of the days you will be here on vacations so you can pick the best to take the tour. This process is very easy now with your smartphone and all the apps to skip a rainy day.

2) Seasick!

Whale Shark tour in Cancun

Whale Shark tour in Cancun

The seasick is a common thing in the boats trips during the whale shark tour, as we go a little far from the shore, the sea can be little active with waves and wind and some people get dizzy easy so we recommend you to have this on mind and take precautions. Dramamine it’s an option but so are some natural teas like ginger tea or chamomile tea. Even if you don’t get dizzy easy, take some of this is better, and it’s a natural option.

3) Protect Your Skin:

Whale Shark tour in Cancun

Whale Shark tour in Cancun

As we say, the weather can be bipolar, and the sunny days are really full of, well… SUN. For this reason, every precaution you can take for not get burn during the whale shark tour in Cancun is a must. In our recommendations are: bring a cap or hat, long sleeve shirts and sunscreen. With sunscreen it’s better to use biodegradable sunscreen because you will interact with the natural environment of the whale shark and a lot of species in the ocean.

4) Sleep well:

Whale Shark tour in Cancun

It doesn’t matter how many precautions you take to enjoy your whale shark tour in Cancun, if you don’t sleep well the night before; you’ll maybe have a bad time. We recommend you to sleep well because the tour time is 07:00 am or before and the trip is a little exhaustive.

This four recommendations, as you can read, are very simple but very helpful too! We’ll make everything to make the best experience for you but you can complete this with this recommendations.


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